Parallel Universes of Self

  • by Frederick E. Dodson
  • Narrated by Thomas Miller
  • 14 hrs and 25 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The purpose of this book is to bring the "Parallel Worlds Theory" as known to physics and science fiction into application in your personal reality and everyday life. You can "create" your reality by becoming the parallel-world version of yourself for whom the experience you want is already real.


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I love Fred but please be warned!!

Any additional comments?

After listening to 60 hours of Fred's books in under a couple of months I became a big practitioner of his teachings. I believed wholeheartedly in the levels of energy, the different spirit planes, the cycle of reincarnation and parallel universes. I was quite knocked back however when Fred mentioned a book called 'A Flight to Heaven' by Dale Black, which is essentially about a pilot who dies in a plane crash and goes to heaven. Fred uses this as an example of the spirit plane, where we will all go when we die. When we get there, we apparently meet our spirit guides to discuss how the life went before reincarnating again if we so wish. Theres so much more to it, quite fascinating to consider.

Now, I fully believe(d) in all the above. However, regarding the Flight to Heaven book which was quoted, I decided to an interview with Dale Black. In the interview, he breaks down describing how beautiful heaven is which as described by Fred. However, he breaks down just as hard as he describes feeling a demonic presence take his co pilot to hell.

This had me confused and in denial as it totally contradicts Fred's teachings, something I wholeheartedly lived and agreed. Fred even states that a murder may decide to reincarnate as a victim to balance out Karma in the next life and essentially life is just a playground (unless you fall massively down the "scale of energy"). As I dug more into the subject of hell and heaven, I found that there are in fact DOZENS of testimonies of people physically visiting hell after NDE's and other occurrences and these people were not below '0' on the scale. Fred states that one must go SO LOW in order to even touch what feels like hell.

Still in denial, I refused to believe that hell actually exists but I couldn't shake the thought. I saw a testimony from someone in America and another from a girl in South America. They both describe seeing the same now deceased Pop start in Hell being tormented in horrible ways. This was only one of many connections I made and more than enough for me to put 2 and 2 together.

After repenting, I am now a born again Christian although I believe I have some bagged to get rid of. Jesus Christ is our one true Lord and Saviour and nothing else matters.

Not only have I found that heaven and hell exist but so do demons and they are much more prevalent than we think. You need to understand that all "spiritual" teachings, from the Law of Attraction to Levels of Energy disregard Jesus as being our one true Lord and Saviour. Fred Acknowledges Jesus as a "level 1000" on the scale, he has read the KJV of the Bible also. However, like many of us he has not realised the true implications of the above.

I implore people to read Pittman's book called Placebo which explains how demons operate. Also read a Trip to Hell by Mary K Baxter or watch her interviews on Youtube. I have spent the past 3 years heavily into the spiritual and it has never brought me true peace. I believe that along the way (and through some recreational drug use), I have invited many demons into my life and I am currently in the process of deliverance. I love Fred to death and I believe that he is an expert in this field of knowledge. However, it is all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and demonic at that. There are no spirit guides. There is no spirit plane. There is no reincarnation. Humanity is in the last stretch. There is no aliens. If someone had said these things to me only a month ago I would've thought they were ignorant, dumb, or just a sub/low level 200 person on the energy scale. Once you understand the Truth, you realise how these things are not real however.

Fred, I really hope you read this review and consider the above. I wrote this for you because via email you're so hard to get hold of. Forget everything you've come to know for just a few minutes and consider what I'm saying. These things you're teaching are indirectly demonic brother. They detract from the truth and anything that leads away from the truth, the narrow path of righteousness , is serving Satan. I'm telling you Fred, there are demons queuing up for your death day because of your knowledge and large following. You must repent Fred. You must find Jesus. Please.

Just check out John Zavlaris on youtube and watch some of his deliverance videos. I know that you live in New York Fred so you are so close to his ministry. Go there and ask him to deliver you. You will be amazed at the demons who are manipulating you. I can feel them in me now that I am aware.

This is real guys. Not only is the Bible real, but Satan is too and he is VERY VERY VERY GOOD at what he does. He isn't called the deceiver for nothing. He's being operating for thousands of years. He's has great knowledge. Just look at pop culture, the new age movement. He controls these things. Even things like Buddhism will lead a man to hell!! We need to repent and live with Christ.

(Please heed these words, God Bless you all)

Email me if possible at God bless you all

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- Ross Archer

Incredibly underrated

I've listened to Alot of books around manifestation and this is in my top 2
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- Adam

Book Details

  • Release Date: 28-05-2014
  • Publisher: Frederick Dodson