The Autism Revolution

  • by Karen Weintraub, Dr. Martha Herbert
  • Narrated by Denice Stradling
  • 9 hrs and 43 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Move beyond conventional thinking about autism....
After years of treating patients and analyzing scientific data, prominent Harvard researcher and clinician Dr. Martha Herbert offers a revolutionary new view of autism and a transformative strategy for dealing with it. Autism is not a hardwired impairment programmed into a child’s genes and destined to remain fixed forever, as we’re often told. Instead, it is the result of a cascade of events, many seemingly minor: perhaps a genetic mutation, some toxic exposures, a stressful birth, a vitamin deficiency, and a series of infections. And while other doctors may dismiss your child’s physical symptoms - the diarrhea, anxiety, sensory overload, sleeplessness, immune challenges, and seizures - as coincidental or irrelevant, Dr. Herbert sees them as vital clues to what the underlying problems are and how to help.
In The Autism Revolution, she teaches you how to approach autism as a collection of problems that can be overcome - and talents that can be developed. Each success you achieve gives your child more room to become healthy and to thrive.
Drawing from the newest research, technologies, and insights, as well as inspiring case studies of both children and adults, Dr. Herbert guides you toward restoring health and resiliency in your loved one with autism. Her specific recommendations aim to provide optimal nutrition, reduce toxic exposures, shore up the immune system, reduce stress, and open the door to learning and creativity - all by understanding and truly meeting your child’s needs. As thousands of families who have cobbled together these solutions themselves already know, this program can have dramatic benefits - for your child with autism as well as for you, your whole family, and your next baby as well.
A paradigm-changing book that offers hope and healing for the millions of families who have autism in their lives, The Autism Revolution shows that there’s plenty you can do every day to give someone you love the best possible gift: a life lived to the fullest potential.


What the Critics Say

“Martha Herbert’s book gives us a new approach to understanding how autism affects many different body systems. It is essential reading for learning more about sensible biomedical treatments.” (Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures and The Way I See It)


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Customer Reviews

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Mother's perspective

This is by no means an easy guide for parents, I would recommend 'diet intervention and autism' by Marilyn Le Breton for that which is a straight forward practical guide. However I listened to this audio book 3 or 4 times and it has helped me immensely. My son was only diagnosed 1 year ago and since implementing a GFCFSF diet and gaining insight and tips from this book as well as a book called 'Health nutrition secrets' by Dr Russell Blaylock, his and my life has improved dramatically. I don't usually spend/have the time to write reviews, but I felt the need to share this information in the hope that I might sway another parent to try this out... there is absolutely no harm in trying this. Don't take my word for it, if you haven't already done so watch 'Autism Made in America' and or 'Dr Blaylock Vaccines and Autism' both available on youtube. Hope this helps...Good luck!
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- Mrs

Boring or not?

"Boring or not?"

The answer to this question is perhaps as ambivalent as autism itself. Whilst the subject is intriguing and interesting, I don't think the book lives up to its expectations. The author has some very helpful ideas about autism, one of the main trains of thought being 'what goes into a body will come out' - with emphasis on healthy eating, vitamin supplements, avoiding foods that are hard to digest, etc.

The authors have researched their subject and are very knowledgeable, albeit perhaps a bit narrow minded. The narrator's voice is irritating to say the least, mainly by being incredibly monotonous. I did check to see whether this was actually a person's voice or whether it was being read by a 'computer voice'.

This book is dry and borders on being boring. However, it does offer a different perspective -the question is whether what the authors had to say could have been said in half the time.

This is not the kind of book that will spark a revolution (there's no spark in it!), but it is well worth reading and has some interesting ideas.
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- Hand_Knitted

Book Details

  • Release Date: 27-03-2012
  • Publisher: Random House Audio