The INTJ Female

  • by Caitlin Humbert, HowExpert Press
  • Narrated by Courtney Lucien
  • 1 hrs and 16 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

If you are an INTJ woman and want to learn how to live and thrive with the INTJ MBTI personality, then this is a fantastic, helpful guide for you.
Here are some of the things you will learn inside this guide:

What does it mean to be an INTJ female and how is this different from being an INTJ male?
Growing up a young INTJ girl is difficult, but how do these experiences shape us?
Discover why you felt like an outsider as a child, and continue to feel this way into adulthood.
Gain a better understanding of why it is so difficult to make and sustain friendships due to your personality type.
Learn more about your thirst for education: why you’re always seeking knowledge, taking extra classes, and reading shelves full of books.
Grasp a better understanding of why others struggle so much to understand and relate to you, view your personality, and handle your lack of stereotypical female traits.
Understand why you enjoy and even thrive on alone time, and why you find socialization and normal peer to peer interaction draining.
Explore what subjects interest you and what career paths will potentially make you happy or unhappy, and address the constant state of restlessness you feel at your job.
Get insight about what type of partner you need to have a healthy, thriving relationship; also explore some of the traits you likely display as a female INTJ partner/spouse.
Understand some common issues encountered because the INTJ type includes many stereotypical male traits.
Most importantly: walk away with an understanding that although your personality type is rare, there is nothing wrong with you or anything that needs to be changed. 
As an INTJ woman you are rare and wonderful just the way you are.
About the Expert
Caitlin Humbert is a writer who is part of the small subset of female INTJs. Having been an outcast much of her life due to her rare personality type, she chose to further research this small group of women with mainly unpopular characteristics for a female, and validate their traits and feelings.


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  • Release Date: 02-11-2017
  • Publisher: HowExpert