Why Women Have Sex

  • by Cindy M. Meston, David M. Buss
  • Narrated by Renee Raudman
  • 11 hrs and 3 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

An unparalleled exploration of the mysteries underlying women's sexuality that rivals the culture-shifting Kinsey Report, from two of America's leading research psychologists.
Do women have sex simply to reproduce or display their affection? When University of Texas at Austin clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss joined forces to investigate the underlying sexual motivations of women, what they found astonished them.
Through the voices of real women, Meston and Buss reveal the motivations that guide women's sexual decisions and explain the deep-seated psychology and biology that often unwittingly drive women's desires - sometimes in pursuit of health or pleasure, or sometimes for darker, disturbing reasons that a woman may not fully recognize. Drawing on more than a thousand intensive interviews conducted solely for the book, as well as their pioneering research on physiological response and evolutionary emotions, Why Women Have Sex uncovers an amazingly complex and nuanced portrait of female sexuality. They delve into the use of sex as a defensive tactic against a mate's infidelity (protection), as a ploy to boost self-confidence (status), as a barter for gifts or household chores (resource acquisition), or as a cure for a migraine headache (medication).
Why Women Have Sex stands as the richest and deepest psychological understanding of female sexuality yet achieved and promises to inform every woman's (and her partner's) awareness of her relationship to sex and her sexuality.


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Customer Reviews

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Trivial but entertaining

David Buss's masterwork, 'The Evolution of Desire' remains one of the books that has most improved not just my understanding of the world, but, quite literally the fabric of my life (being married these 25 years, and trying to understand and sympathise with my significant (macho, pig-headed) other). So, when I noticed this, it was natural to download it and revisit the subject. But whereas the first book starts out with a limpidly clear premise (that woman have larger eggs, and suffer nine months of gestation) to produce startlingly apposite and relevant implications for human mating strategies, this book simply reports the results of extensive and intimate surveys with women. It has two main weaknesses - firstly its logic is often weak: it seems to take correlation for causality, take anecdote for fact and take women's 'reasons' at face value - and secondly it is repetitive. Throughout it reports a finding e.g. 'women sometimes use sex to take revenge', and then backs this up with a banal quote restating the finding, as in 'Woman, 25, mostly heterosexual : Once I had sex with my boyfriend's best friend just to get back at him for cheating on me.' In this way the book bulks up to about twice the length it needs to be.

Still, as a listen-once audiobook it is entertaining to hear what all these woman have been up to.

Narration. American woman - very appropriate, professional, clear and expressive.
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- Judy Corstjens

Curiosity led me to this book

And the balance fearless honesty of the research participants populating the narrative made me finish it! I have shared it with a female friend and will quote the research in therapy sessions and pastoral training. Highly recommended for any one involved in pastoral work , counselling or those who are seeking to answer the age old enigma of trying to understand women!!
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- Monica D. Brown

Book Details

  • Release Date: 18-01-2012
  • Publisher: Audible Studios