299 Days IX: The Restoration : 299 Days

  • by Glen Tate
  • Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  • Series: 299 Days
  • 8 hrs and 39 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When the Patriots finally launch their strike against the Loyalists, Grant Matson’s leadership, bravery, and training are put to the ultimate test. The 17th Irregulars are teamed up with regular military units and they must put their differences aside in order to successfully overthrow the Limas. While the battle rages on, the Loyalists outside of Olympia start to pay the price for their allegiances to the wrong side of the Collapse, while well-intentioned others welcome the beginning of New Washington that recognizes fairness and hard work. The battle winds down and a new day begins as the Team recognizes that victory does not come without loss. Grant, now a celebrated war hero, is not without his own personal hardships, and fears facing a new life without his family.


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Customer Reviews

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Too much right wing politics

I like the main story of this series. And the story continues in this book. Allthough there are some cheap plot twists and "hand to forehead" moments, its dumbtainment enough to leave me satisfied.

Be aware however that the author keeps going on long tirades about how bad socialism is and how good old fashioned anarchy is. The author calls it liberalism, but for a norwegian with social democracy, it really sounds like anarchy. The US ranks amongst other third world countries in many statistics. Crime, murder, auto-theft, to name a few. The scandinavian social democratic countries rank among the top safest countries, while also having the most happy citizens. Few countries are as heavily regulated as the scandinavian. Did you know that Norway tax american oil companies 78% on their evenue? Thats how Norway became super rich, instead of the wealthiest 1% in america. We protected our riches. We regulated.

In Norway, we have a common saying when things get completely out of control: "Its Texas!".

Norway is also a gun loving country. We love our guns, an i am a gun owner myself, but i want heavy restrictions on gun ownership. The author obviously does not, and he tries to polarize gun owners and non-gun owners too much. In the book its just one out of two posibilities: Either you own guns and love them, or you hate guns and think they go off or explode just by looking at them. People are not that stupid, and especially not in the gun-loving US.

Besides the oddities throughout the book, its still good dumbtainment. Great for survivalnuts and fans of the nuts like myself.
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- martin

A European Perspective

For American listeners this is a thought provoking story.
Very believable, too Godly for Europeans, especially most British.
A bit padded and long winded at times, trying on one's patience, but I persevered though glad to have finished book 9.
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- alexander

Book Details

  • Release Date: 26-10-2014
  • Publisher: Glen Tate