900 Minutes

  • by S. Johnathan Davis
  • Narrated by Jamison Jones
  • 10 hrs and 7 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

John is a father, but that wasn't his day job before the Zombie Apocalypse. Seven months after the events in 900 Miles, we pick up with John and Kyle who are bunkered down with their newfound community back at Avalon. Unexpectedly thrust outside the protection of Avalon's walls, they're forced back into the world of the dead on a scavenging run that should be routine. However, they quickly learn that there are forces at play making this journey anything but... In a race against time to get home, they quickly find themselves being hunted by a madman intent on stripping away the tiny slice of life they've fought so hard to hold together - ultimately forcing John to learn just how far he's willing to adapt to the rules of this new world. A world where most men are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. A world where Man is the real plague. How far would any father go to save his son? Get ready to jump back into the Hummer with John and Kyle in this fast-paced thriller that mixes zombie horror with medieval-style castle warfare!


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Customer Reviews

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Sadly, just as flawed as the first book.

What disappointed you about 900 Minutes?

The author is my issue. He is clearly lazy and does no research on things. And he is just not smart enough to create scenes that you believe in with the characters in question. Also, after two books ask yourself what you know about the characters and you'll come up with very little. There are no REAL conversations that normal people would have and so the characters remain two dimensional. I can't think of anything I know about Kyle other than he was in the military doing two very unconnected things and some how ends up as a rent-a-cop for a building.

The book has lots of stupid narrative. Examples of which would be, "the chances of surviving this new world are 50-50." Or lines like, "Kyle led us up the stairs like a guiding light." Can you picture yourself as a man ever thinking about another man leading you somewhere like that? I couldn't.

Example of where author is lazy on research. He has no idea how to fly a helicopter and REPEATELY has characters yanking back on the yoke to take off. I don't know how to fly a helicopter either, but I knew this was wrong in more than one regard - and so I took TWO minutes learning about helicopter controls. Clearly the author is too lazy to put in even this level of work into things he doesn't know how to do, and this is TERRIBLE as a writer to just make stuff up and hope no-one will notice your lack of understanding.

I could go on for an age about tactical situations in the book that anyone with military training will point out is unlikely to happen when you have military personal involved, but to say there are many is all I'll say.

They get found at night after crashing their helicopter into a deep lake. And, John, swims up from the bottom of that lake fully dressed, with a full backpack, full body armour and a hammer in his hand.

In a forest fire they manage to run from it. Forest fires move faster than a running man, so this would be hard, though not 100% impossible. However, in the same fire, John's body armour gets melted by the heat and yet none of them have any injuries. Even if the body armour was a high density poly plastic it would have melting temp of maybe 130 degrees Celsius, and we look at 2nd and 3rd degree burns at around 44 degrees Celsius.

The examples of odd things just go on and on, but even with these things it was the lack of character progression I hated the most. They are just bland because we never learn anything about them. They don't feel real. And the ending of the book was pretty abrupt in my opinion.

What will your next listen be?

Don't know.

What do you think the narrator could have done better?

He was just over the top with some of the drama. In particular with John when he is thinking about his wife, or his kid and how he will do anything for him.

What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?


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- M. Paddon

Not as good as the first

What would have made 900 Minutes better?

I wanted to hurt someone after hearing him ramble about his kid and wife for the 1000000000th time.

Ok! they are dead! stop with all the over the top drama. I really wished i just stuck to 900 miles

What was most disappointing about S. Johnathan Davis’s story?

Over the top 'Drama' about his son and wife

Every time he started to ramble about them again, i just fast forwarded.....there was a lot of fast forwarding taking place.

Also this story was very 'Flat' compared to '900 Miles'

What didn’t you like about Jamison Jones’s performance?

Loved him in 900 Miles, but camping it up with being over dramatic when going on and on about the son.

I know he is just reading the book and it is not his fault (it's just what was written) but it got to the point when for the 10000000th time he started going on about 'His son' and began to laugh (maybe hysteria was taking hold of me)

If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from 900 Minutes?

The whole book.

I could have lived with the way the first book ended, this totally ruined the illusion for me.
The first book was two guys against the zombies, the second book was a rambling sorry state of a chap who kept simpering about his kid.

Any additional comments?

Remove the book, send it to a dark place and never speak of it again

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- max

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-12-2014
  • Publisher: Audible Studios