• by Keith Roberts
  • Narrated by Nicola Barber
  • 9 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Audie Award, Fantasy, 2013
Award-winning author, narrator, and screenwriter Neil Gaiman personally selected this book, and, using the tools of the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), cast the narrator and produced this work for his audiobook label, Neil Gaiman Presents.
A few words from Neil on Anita: "Anita is an almost forgotten novel by one of the finest UK writers. But it is a favorite of mine. Anita works on two levels: on the one hand, the stories are a product of the 1960s - they come out of a swinging world and a "Georgy Girl" time, and Keith Roberts, then a young art director, has captured the feel of the sixties. At the same time, he writes about a teenage witch being brought up by her Granny; he writes about a young witch falling in love, getting her heart broken, about change and growing up and compromise, about what magic is and how you can lose it sometimes and how you can get it back. And the character of Anita's Granny is amazing, one of Keith Roberts' best characters…. [Anita] set the template for all the teenage witch stories that come after, and she did it better and more magically. I wanted these stories back in "print", where people could hear them and could fall in love with Anita and Granny, as I did."
Meet Anita Thompson: she's young, she's lovely, she's clever ... and she's a witch. A real one.
Anita lives in two worlds: the modern world of supermarkets and sports cars, radio and rock & roll, where she is a thoroughly modern girl with a thoroughly modern interest in boys and fast living and her own independence. But the ancient and rustic world of traditions, cauldrons, and familiars , where she and her Granny (a witch of the Old School, broom and all) invoke elemental spirits int he service of Him Wot's Down Under. She has senses no ordinary mortal can imagine (at least nine); with them, she can hear the voices of every creature of the night. She can changer her shape, call a drowned corpse from a lake, reverse the flow of time, and ride the Sea Serpent (there's only the one, you know; always has been -- always will be) deep into the ocean in the company of a mermaid, even though the modern world is trying to crowd aside -- and even change -- that world of witchcraft and magic. Yet, complicated as a young witch's life may become, Anita never loses her sense of fun, or her essential innocence.
When the Anita stories first appeared in Science Fantasy and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in the late 1960s, they were immediately recognized as a strikingly original departure for the author of such celebrated works as Pavane. One critic called the original 1970 collection of these stories a "treasure." This new volume presents the stories in the author's corrected, definitive texts, a new introduction by the author, and an additional story which did not appear in the first edition.
To hear more from Neil Gaiman on Anita, click here, or listen to the introduction at the beginning of the book itself.Learn more about Neil Gaiman Presents and Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).


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Some things are better left as memories

This story has not aged well. It has a disjointed nature not simply in it's style but in it's story line. Short stories cobbled together without the benefit of an editor. Other than the grandmother you never get a sense of, or felt a connection with, the characters. At points I was unsure as to whether to expect a story edging into child sexual abuse. We listened as a family but the teenagers found the story and narrator so grating we gave up half way through. Disappointing.
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- Claire


Quite a boring story really each chapter was about something different to do with the character there was no interaction with the different characters once that chapter was over so you are left wondering what happened to them and where did they all disappear too
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- Andrew McGovern

Book Details

  • Release Date: 13-12-2011
  • Publisher: Neil Gaiman Presents