Containment : Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

  • by Sean Schubert
  • Narrated by Daniel May
  • Series: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse
  • 12 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Running. Hiding. Surviving. Neil Jordan and Dr. Caldwell lead the small band of desperate survivors through the hellish undead maelstrom. With their refuge compromised and behind them, Dr. Caldwell and the others including young Jules and Danny place their faith and their lives squarely in Neil’s hands.
Anchorage, once Alaska’s largest city, lay in ruins. Now a threatening maze of death, the city is firmly in the chilling grips of a frightening and expanding zombie horde. With life and death hanging on every decision, Neil tries to navigate the perils as best as he is able. Never far from his mind is the hope that this nightmare has been contained and there still exists a sane world free of infection.
First, they must survive and escape...


Audible Editor Reviews

In Containment: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse, Book 2, narrated by Daniel May with a baritone always bordering on the edge of suspense, the human-flesh-eating zombies have taken over the ruined city of Anchorage and have claimed the surrounding rugged terrain as their own to wreak havoc over every living thing.
A group of gutsy and resourceful survivors, led by Neil Jordan and Dr. Caldwell, must cross deep into the bloody wreckage of death and despair in an all-or-nothing last chance at finding a place free from the horrific reign of the undead.
A solidly entertaining zombie adventure.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Too many annoyances for me.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I would recommend it because it does have some good points, but I'd also have to point out that it does have a lot of annoying little flaws that make it less believable.

What was your reaction to the ending? (No spoilers please!)

The ending was quite good, and a little sad, but also one of those moments that wasn't quite possible. Without giving away the plot it is hard to say what was good and bad about it, but I will say if you read it look at it for more than five seconds and you'll see my problem with it. Something happens to one of the characters while he is doing something at the same time. And both things could not happen at the same moment.

Which scene did you most enjoy?

I do think the final scene was the most memorable, and so most likely the one I enjoyed most in the book.

Do you think Containment needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

Yes, it does really. Too many things yet unresolved.

Any additional comments?

I'll post here my reasons for why the book annoyed me a little.

At one point they are draining gas and can hear something coming, but just ignore it and carry on draining gas. I don't believe anyone is this stupid, let alone three people.The group keep saying Neil is a good leader. He is not. He makes mistake after mistake and never learns from them. He splits up his group repeatedly, and more often than not when he does so he takes his strong members and leaves the weak. Combined with never learning to protect his rear. Sure he isn't military but even a fool should realise that not having someone cover your back is not wise in a world where stuff can jump you from so many places.

When they were draining gas for their van they found loads of cars with keys in, and yet when they lose the ability to use their van later rather than go and get a replacement for it they leave a safe location as a group on foot carrying packs. In a group with children this seems utterly foolish, and yet no-one points it out.

They let someone join their group that they have reasons to believe is not trustable, and have someone in their group already they believe is not stable and needs watching. And yet with both these facts they don't watch either of them. Heck, in both books I don't think they set a watch at night EVER! Again they are not military, but this is simple and basic common sense, and certainly when two of their group are supposed to be zombie experts that have seen all the movies and read the books etc.

At one point a character runs from grass to pavement and his feet get confused and he falls flat on his face. And that is how it was written. Not a slip, not a trip, but his feet got confused. I mean what the heck does that even mean.

I wonder if the writer is single, or really just has no idea about flirting, or women. I only say this because at one point one of the characters just comes out and says to one of the girls she has a great body, then looks her up and down like a bit of meat, and she smiles about it even though she doesn't really like the guy. Seriously try this in real life and see how it works out for you. Or you can just assume the more likely outcome of a frosty stare, or a sharp pain suddenly appearing on one part of your body or other.

This is just a few of the things that bugged me in the book, and when I get too many of them it soon lowers my overall view of the book, even if there are good aspects as well. Hence why I can't give it more than an average rating.

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- M. Paddon

Book Details

  • Release Date: 18-12-2012
  • Publisher: Audible Studios