Dawn of Procyon

  • by Mark R. Healy
  • Narrated by Travis Baldree
  • 8 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A distant planet. A deadly secret.
Seventeen years after it began, the interstellar war has taken its toll: the inhabitants of Earth are desperate to find a way to defeat the Argoni, a merciless and horrifying alien race.
Light-years away from the fighting, mechanic Landry Stanton lives a peaceful, mundane life on the desolate planet Procyon One, and that's just the way he likes it. But when an unauthorized trip to the other side of the planet leaves him shipwrecked and stranded alongside a hostile alien that wants him dead, Landry discovers a terrifying secret: The Argoni threat is greater than anyone back on Earth imagined.
With his oxygen and water running out, and with no way to warn the United Earth Marines, Landry's lonely fight for survival becomes a battle for humanity itself.


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Customer Reviews

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Anticlimax in the Procyon system

A readable and imaginative story. I liked the two suns depicted as rising and setting on a Mars-like exoplanetary landscape just far enough from our solar system to make interstellar travel feasible.
The poisonous atmosphere of the place gives a good back-drop to the story of Landrey stranded out on the surface after crashing as a passenger in a scout aircraft and struggling to survive alone on the surface, which all takes sometime to be dragged out.
Technical description almost gets there. The aliens - just about scary and the characters are pretty representative of a 90's tv adventure.
The narrator over does the American drawl a bit too much for my taste and the ending is all wrong. Overall its all mildly interesting and just long enough to keep you reading the undemanding text but the ending is so sudden as if there was a power-cut and the word processor died on the author.
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Let's go spit on the barbeque

Any additional comments?

Procyon is an inhospitable planet. No one can survive on the surface for more than a few minutes without a full suit and oxygen, unlike the occasional fearsome Argoni sometimes still seen roaming about. Twice the size of a human, they seem impervious to almost anything.
Landry Stanton is an engineer, a supervisor, on the planet of Procyon. He works hard, eats, sleeps and then does it all over again. He doesn't have any friends, well, perhaps just one. So when that one person begs for his for help, just a little thing, he says, something no one will ever know about, Landry reluctantly agrees.
Cait is.not his friend. In fact, she wants Landry's job, which means he'll have to go. But when she is given the supervisor job when he fails to turn up at work, she is at first thrilled but soon finds it's not all she had hoped for or even expected.. Then she starts to discover things about Landry that surprise her.

This is a story which creeps under the skin slowly, steadily, until the reader is right there, experiencing through the eyes ànd ears of the protàgonists. The characters are cleverly cràfted, slowly emerging as real living, breathing people.with their fears and frustrations becoming palpable. There are choices to be màde which could have serious implications. These personalities are further brought a to life with the narration of Travis Baldree, who gives each a personalised and distinctive voice as well as reading fluently and with a passion fitting the text. Part survival, part discovery, this is an excellent science fiction story which will entertain as well as open up ideas to make the reader think. My thanks to the rights holder from whom I received a complimentary copy of Dawn of Procyon, via Audiobook Boom. It was a thoroughly enjoyable book, full of suspense, tension and humour, too, almost from the beginning..A continuation book is definitely needed - I will be looking out for .it..

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- Norma Miles

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-08-2017
  • Publisher: Future House Publishing