Doctor Who: Daleks - The Mutation of Time

  • by John Peel
  • Narrated by Jean Marsh
  • 5 hrs and 47 mins
  • original_recording Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Daleks' Masterplan is well underway. With the Time Destroyer, the most deadly machine ever devised, they will conquer the Universe. Only one person stands in their way - the Doctor. For he has stolen the precious Taranium core which is vital to activate the machine. Travelling through Time and Space, the Doctor and his companions are forever on the move in case the Daleks track them down. But after several months, to their horror, the TARDIS indicates that they are being followed....
Peter Purves and Jean Marsh read this exciting novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure, with Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs. This is the second of two novelisations written by John Peel and based on the TV serial The Daleks' Masterplan. The first, Daleks: Mission to the Unknown, is also available from AudioGO.


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Customer Reviews

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Most of this story, The Dalek Masterplan, is missing, due to the BBC's erstwhile policy of junking old material. There are a number of ways to still enjoy this tale, such as a lovely comic, an audio recording, with linking narration, of the original etc, but this is by far my personal favourite telling. John Peel captures the TARDIS crew perfectly in prose, Joan Marsh and Peter Purves (the original actors of Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom, companions of the Doctor at this point in his adventures) tell the story beautifully, and effective if sparing use of music and sound effects round the whole thing off perfectly. This second part (the first being Daleks: Mission to the Unkown) has two rather strange, yet entertaining chapters, being prose versions of the first ever Doctor Who Christmas special, which I would imagine some listeners may well find irritating; however I personally feel their idiosyncratic style to be a lovely touch! A very moving, and somewhat horrific end I shan't spoil cap off this very good production. Highly recommended.
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- Bernd Windhofer

Disappointing follow up

After thoroughly enjoying part 1 of the story I was really looking forward to hearing how it was progressed to a conclusion in part.

It did come to a conclusion so that is something however the story lost all purpose and sense of direction, plummeting into a series of ridiculous short story sequences totally unrelated the main story line.

I think it was an attempt to be funny and lighten the end of humanity mood but was done very poorly - almost as if the writer thought 'this is a funny scenario let's add it in' never mind it has nothing to do with the story as a whole.

It could have been half the length and just added to part 1 as single item.
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- A. J. Holmes

Book Details

  • Release Date: 14-11-2012
  • Publisher: BBC Worldwide Limited