Finding the Vanguard : Colony Ship Vanguard

  • by John Thornton
  • Narrated by Jeannette Howard
  • Series: Colony Ship Vanguard
  • 7 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Colony Ship Vanguard was one of seven colony ships launched from a damaged Earth in a desperate plan to carry human settlers to Earth equivalent worlds. The voyages would take generations, and the people on board, as well as the flora and fauna in huge biological habitats had to be stable. But something happened on the way. Now, over one hundred years later, Earth is all but dead. People survive only in Dome 17. Gretchen and Paul are one of the teams who partake in a risky and dangerous mission to try to recover a colony ship. They will be using two unproven technologies: faster-than-light travel and teleportation. Each of those have significant limits. But the missions to the colony ships are humanities one hope for long term survival. What will Gretchen and Paul encounter while they are trying to find the Vanguard?


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We are all going to die.

This, the first book in a sub series, is part of the Colony Ship sequence of stories and the earlier part of Finding the Vanguard reprises the starting chapters of Recovery of a Colony Ship: Colony Ship Eschaton (also on audiobook and read by Alexander Roddy) but this time follows the experiences of Paul and Gretchen prior to their leaving the doomed Dome 17 on the now unforgiving Earth. Launched into space in a faster than light shuttle, the two friends, with the help of an AI, must try to find the old colony ship, Vanguard, sent out more than 100 years before when it first became obvious that Earth was doomed. If it should prove viable still then it might be possible for the other inhabitants of the dome to find refuge there also. It was a one way trip for the couple and the possibility of success not good.

As the book progresses, the characters of Paul and Gretchen grow into personable, real people despite the sometimes stilted conversation, which equates to changing mode of speech over the intervening time and the contrasted between their customs and understandings compared to those of the old times when the Vanguard had been launched is interesting. A slow paced adventure, well thought out and tensely exciting. With a warmly pleasant voice, Jeanette reads the text clearly, pace perfect and with good understanding and intonation. Her voicings for the various protagonists is also good, well differentiated and appropriate, especially that of Tiffany, the AI who accompanies the couple in their search.

This is an enjoyable story in the multi facetted Colony Ship over series, with good characterisations and very interesting basic premise. Not for readers desiring to be dazzled by frequent fast action battles, although there is action aplenty; and it is not dependent on any previous reading as all necessary background information is given. This book is good, solid science fiction thoughtfully written and narrated. I will be reading the following book next: yes, I really do want to know what happened next.
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- Norma Miles

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-07-2017
  • Publisher: Automacube Enterprises LLC