Hunter's Moon : Sazi

  • by Kathy Clamp, C. T. Adams
  • Narrated by Adam Epstein
  • Series: Sazi
  • 12 hrs and 52 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Her only option is death.
Sue Quentin has reached the end of her rope - she's desperate, and there's only one way out. Her plan doesn't include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires. He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren't entirely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is sexy. So he's a werewolf - everyone has flaws! Sue enjoys being coddled by Tony, and, for his part, Tony likes the way Sue moans when he touches her. She begins to think she and Tony might have a shot at a future together, despite his unorthodox profession...and even though she doesn't know his real name. But when Tony's enemies - not all of whom are fully human - decide Sue makes a perfect target, will Tony risk letting his darker side out during the day to save her?


Audible Editor Reviews

Hunter's Moon is the first installment of the Tales of the Sazi. Sue Quentin wants desperately to kill herself…except now she's falling for the hunky hit man she's hired to do the deed. Also, he's a werewolf. Adam Epstein's performance hits the mark. He captures Tony's voice: cool, sexy, and a little dark. He handles the odd mix of worlds in this supernatural mafia romance. This is not your mother's audiobook; still, you won't be pressing pause anytime soon.


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Customer Reviews

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Hmm, so so with unengaging hero and heroine

Hmmm - the synopsis given here and on Amazon give the impression that this is Sue's book - it isn't. It's Tony's - wholly narrated by him, with everything from his point of view, although we get some of Sue's thoughts. This makes for something different in a very crowded genre, and different can be good.

Well, to a point. Without giving anything away that isn't in the synopsis, the authors have made their hero a hit man, and, not in the blurb, he's a mafioso - raised by the mob from childhood. To their credit, having created a rough background for their man, they don't cop out and make him nice and warm and fuzzy underneath a tough exterior. He's a tough cookie, and isn't very nice. Towards the beginning when he's describing what he'll do, he says something along the lines of, if you want straight murder, that's fine, and if you want a bit of knocking around or rape beforehand, that'll cost you extra. See what I mean? I never really forgot that this was a man who'd rape for money, let alone kill for it.

But, that aside, this rolled along reasonably well, although there's some curious information dumps (example, how shoplifting security works, or how a boa kills it's prey - all jolly interesting but not terribly relevant to the overall story line), and the first few hours of listening are essentially just Sue and Tony meeting. Others do join in, but this is very much Tony's book.

A reviewer on Amazon described this book as hilarious, something that I found totally mystifying - this is a book about a woman so browbeaten by her family she decides to end her life. Can't remember why she doesn't do it herself, but she hires (as you do) an assassin. He agrees, with caveats. For most of the book she's a spineless, weak woman, who accepts everything awful that comes her way by virtue of her association with Tony - so I didn't really warm to her either! Her mother and sisters are caricatures, and I found their behaviour and attitudes unbelievable - says me, reviewing a book about a mafioso werewolf assassin, ;o)

It's nicely read, is a sort of Sam Spade way, with enough characterisation to differentiate the various participants - altho I found Bobby's accent drifted between the Caribbean, Nigeria and the odd bit of something else I never identified - and the narrator had fun with his mafia heavies! He reads Sue as drippily as she comes across!
Will I read/listen on? Probably not.
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- DebB

So good onto book 2 of series already :-)

The narration reminds me of the sound and attitude of the old style crime audiobooks and I like it very much.The narrator puts across the senses and character of Tony brilliantly,putting emotion and effort into his voice. Tony finding his life mate is addictive leaving you wanting more of the story,so much I am straight onto Moon's Web,book number 2 in the series. 5 stars all round and I have downloaded the whole series available so far :-)
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- tracey

Book Details

  • Release Date: 24-09-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios