Kronos Rising: Diablo

  • by Max Hawthorne
  • Narrated by Rich Miller
  • 1 hrs and 25 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Barreling along 100 feet beneath the surface, the giant predator gained swiftly on its prey. Fifty yards ahead, a school of chrome-colored fish fled terror-stricken before it. Measuring close to 20 feet in length, the enormous descendants of the prehistoric fish Xiphactinus audax were, themselves, top predators, each tipping the scales at over 3,000 pounds. Compared to the whale-sized nightmare that pursued them, however, the toothy, tarpon-like creatures were little more than a snack.
Nestled off the coast of Cuba and shielded by impenetrable reefs of razor-sharp rock, stands Diablo Caldera. To the rest of the world, the extinct, bowl-shaped volcano is hardly worth exploring. But the caldera has a secret. Its isolated saltwater lake has remained untouched since the fall of the dinosaurs.
Inside this hellish aquarium are the deadliest marine predators the world has ever seen. Imprisoned behind towering walls of volcanic rock since the Cretaceous, and warded by a mysterious race, Diablo's savage inmates rule with flipper and fang the only world they have ever known.
But something is about to change. The prison that is Diablo is beginning to fail, and soon it will unleash into the unsuspecting Atlantic a primeval fury the likes of which it has never before known.
It is 100 tons of death. And it likes to eat.


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A solid story that surrounds an isolated volcanic island inhabited by natives and clearly expresses their struggles as they are caught in a war between the prehistoric creatures they call 'Gods' and the forces of nature. Throwbacks to Merian C. Cooper's 'King Kong' are at work in this short, but sadly supplies nothing unique in the early stages of the plot line. Throughout it, Max Hawthorne displays his passionate knowledge of paleontology and acute geographical detail; all of which allured me to listen more. People unfamiliar with such topics may struggle to comprehend the information, but can find entertainment value in the beautifully described settings and gripping moments of dread that Max Hawthorne excels in portraying.

The lack of character dialogue at times made it difficult to gauge their personality and/or bond to. However, this is overshadowed by the authors detailed depiction of ongoing events. In regards to Narration, Rich Miller does a great job of reading clearly and concisely, but failed at moments to really capture the emotion of the storyline.

In conclusion, Max Hawthorne's 'Kronos Rising: Diablo' is, again, a solid audiobook that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to, but felt elements were missing to make it 'unique' and ended too quickly.
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- barry murphy

Book Details

  • Release Date: 22-08-2016
  • Publisher: Far From The Tree Press, LLC