Locker Nine

  • by Franklin Horton
  • Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  • 7 hrs and 19 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Grace Hardwick's dad is a science fiction writer who makes his living destroying the world. When Grace decides to go away for her first year of college her dad, Robert, can't help but think of all of the potential ways that society could collapse and strand his daughter hundreds of miles from home. Then, near the end of her freshman year, it happens. Like a scene from one of Robert's books, coordinated terror attacks take place at dozens of locations around the country - including on the campus of Grace's university.
Grace and her father barely have time for a single rushed phone call before they lose signal. In that call, Robert reminds his daughter of the key he gave her when she left for school - the key that she constantly wears around her neck. She doesn't know what it opens. She doesn't know where the engraved numbers will lead her. All she knows is that her dad is not the type to let her go hundreds of miles from home with no backup plan.
With her roommate in tow, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey that may lead her home or may lead her right into the path of another stranded traveler - a disturbed gamer who sees nothing but opportunity in a world that now closely resembles that of his favorite video games.


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I hold Franklin Horton in the highest regard and have listened to his full collection. This next instalment is a fine support to the Borrowed World collection and I personally can not wait for the next instalment.
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- David Ellis

" By the rocket's red glare... "

Any additional comments?

A series of numerous coordinated terrorist attacks across America causes widespread panic and social breakdown. One of there takes place on a college campus in Oxford, Mississippi. Two students, close friends from childhood, decide to head home. This story follows Grace and Zoe as they try to drive back the several hundred miles through the increasing chaos.
They are better prepared than the average teenager. Grace's father is an avid prepper and has not only given his daughter survival instructions since her childhood, he has also left her an emergency get-home-safe supply in locker number nine.

This is a terrific book and, even allowing for differences between England and the U.S.A. is one which everyone looking to get through a major, widespread disaster should read. So many aspects of security, personal and of property, are touched upon which would be invaluable to know should our small worlds fall apart. Not many people here in the U.K. are proper preppers, though I dare say many of us keep a few extra tins of food tucked away just in case, but Locker Nine brings home just how fragile is our civilised society and how easily people in fear can turn upon others. Following the story of two young people just trying to get back to their families in a time of emergency brings all of this into focus and makes for a thrilling, if chilling, book.
It takes a fine narrator to maintain a sense of reality, of ordinariness in a frightening scenario whist still conveying the fear and excitement of the journey. Kevin Pierce, with his steady, somewhat gravelly voice, does just that. Through him, the listener grows to know and empathise with the two young women, as well as getting to understand why some people go rogue, using the time of emergency to hurt not help.
The book has a slowly increasing tension as social cohesion continues to decay and it is obvious that the journey will not be an easy one no matter how well the travellers think themselves prepared. The ideas will stay with me into the future.
I received a complimentary copy of Locker Nine from the rights holder, via Audiobook Boom. My thanks for this. I hope that the review I have written above conveys at least a small part of the pleasure I had in listening to it .
Definitely recommended.

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- Norma Miles

Book Details

  • Release Date: 30-08-2016
  • Publisher: Franklin Horton