Lost Legio IX

  • by Marc Alan Edelheit
  • Narrated by Alex Hyde-White
  • 11 hrs and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Best-selling, award-winning author of Stiger's Tigers, Marc Alan Edelheit, delivers a new action-packed fantasy epic filled with gods and magic.
One of history's greatest mysteries, the Ninth Imperial Legion guarding Rome's northernmost frontier in Britannia disappeared around the year 122 AD. This is their story.
Badly outnumbered, facing certain destruction, and cut off from supply, the Imperial Roman Ninth Legion Hispana is in a desperate position. Surrounded by the hostile Celtic army, Senior Centurion Lucious Grackus Lisidus Karus must lead his men to safety after unexpectedly finding himself thrust into command of the legion.
Then the unthinkable happens.
Karus and the Ninth are transported to a strange place, far away from the Britannia they knew. The legion's deliverance from danger at first appears to be a blessing from the gods, but slowly they begin to uncover the secrets of this new land, a world that is slowly being overrun by a terrible evil. A young woman is discovered in a dungeon, where she has been abandoned and left to starve. Inextricably linked with Karus' own destiny, she may be the key to salvation, or worse, the instrument of destruction for the Ninth.
Cast adrift in a terrible war, Karus must find his way through the mysteries of this unfamiliar world, one that is filled with true magic, strange alien races, evil gods, and dragons. More importantly, Karus must discover his destiny, and complete a desperate task set for him by a god of Rome. Should he fail, it will mean certain destruction for the Ninth, the triumph of evil, and the rise of a new order.
Lost Legio IX is the first book in this exciting series.
"For these I set no bounds in space or time; but have given empire without end." (Jupiter, Virgil's Aeneid)


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Customer Reviews

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great but where are the rest!

this is the second series of his that is only half o n here? why is there at least not one complete set?
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- mr m c whaley

Lost and Most Definitely Found!

The loss of the Ninth Legion is one of the most intriguing stories of Rome's repeated efforts to conquer all of Britannia. The idea that a bunch of hairy-arsed barbarians could not just defeat one of Rome's most experienced elite legions but make them disappear without a trace is truly the stuff of legend. Edelheit has found a fantastic way to give his excellent Stiger series a compelling background in this prequel series.

So, once again we get that heady mix of Roman Legion based military history and fantasy with tales of legionary life including some excellent battle scenes. It's not quite as fast-moving as I remember the Stiger series being and I have to confess I wasn't 100% sold on the narration by Alex Hyde-White. The dialogue between the officers feels a bit false at times both due to the writing and the narration.

That said, it's good entertainment and sets things up very nicely for the series to come. I shall certainly be following this one to but note to the author . . . please don't forget Stiger while you're at it!
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- Simon

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-01-2018
  • Publisher: Audible Studios