Midnight Terror: Classic Tales of Vampires

  • by Augustus Hare, E.F. Benson, Guy de Maupassant, E H. Heron, M. E. Braddon, E Nesbit, Franz Hartmann, Count Stenbock, A. C. Askew
  • Narrated by Nigel Lambert, Hayward Morse, Garrick Hagon, Sean Barrett, Anne Rosenfeld, David Thorpe, Liza Ross
  • 5 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Darkness falls. The undead rise to feast on the succulent blood of the living. For years vampires have fascinated great writers of the occult such as De Maupassant, Count Stenbock, E Nesbit and EF Benson. This is The Story Circle's collection of some of their spine-chilling tales told by award-winning actors.
Stories Include:

The Vampire of Croglin Hall

Mrs Amworth

The Horla

The Story of Baelbrow

Good Lady Ducayne

The Haunted House

An Authenticated Vampire Story

The Sad Story of a Vampire

A Werewolf of the Campagna


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Customer Reviews

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views on an enduring myth

I will state right here that vampires are not my thing. They are nothing more than an enduring myth perpetrated by clever authors trying to keep over zealous censors happy during an age of melodrama when writing was purely for the apparently sensitive middle and upper class women and the idle rich to boot. Much the same thing really. They are therefore, essentially love stories with heavily hinted at sex. Hence the vampire and love bites and all the rest of it. This book however was purchased for shred listening and so I endured it for the sake of someboy who is in to that sort of thing.

Performances in this book were melodramatic but good. Naration was, in the main, excellent. No slurring of word and not the slightest hint of boredom. The stories were excessively romantic especially the one by Mary Braddon but that was the intention of the vampire and therefore the author. If you like books that suspenc belief you might like this collection. If you're in to myths then give it a go. It is fairly short with only eight stories and can be taken in bite sized chunks. My only criticism was that the performance or rather the editing put the stories too close together so it was difficult to pause the recording without the next one starting. A very minor detail and not one to put people off I think.
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- Rose

Midnight Terror Bites Again

What did you like best about Midnight Terror: Classic Tales of Vampires? What did you like least?

You can not beat a good old fashioned horror story written during the Victorian era. Victorians loved to spook themselves, what with the candle lit shadows on the gory papared walls and with no TV or Radio to break the peaceful silence of a ticking clock each night giving them the perfect back drop for spooky feelings plus the style of heavy dark creepy bussled clothes they wore. These stories are definitely creepy and spooky but unfortunately it all boiled down to how good a narrator and their performance. Not all were up to spooky scratch and so some of these spooks just could not hit the nerve. I do wish Producers would give Top Priority to Professional Narrators SUITABLE to the Style of Genre they have to perform. After all THIS is what IT IS a PERFORMANCE but far too many narrators are not up to the job. They ruin great books with slopy banal reading
like it is a shopping list ! Banal and boring! Where is the feeling? The Performance ??

Would you recommend Midnight Terror: Classic Tales of Vampires to your friends? Why or why not?

Yes I have recommended Midnight Terror to friends and highly recommend it to download as it is very good. But my recommendation has to come with warning about those sloppy narrators not up to the job. Some may not mind, others DO.

Did the narrators do a good job differentiating each of the characters? How?

Those narrators who are up to their jobs do a wonderful spooky portrail of their characters taking you into the scary atmosphere. It is those who do not do their job who let the good ones down. Let EVERYONE down, Audible, Customers and the Books.

Was Midnight Terror: Classic Tales of Vampires worth the listening time?

All in all yes, during the dark winter nights we always bring out this Midnight Terror, me and my husband like to sit in cosy candle light and listen to spooky shows. This is one we always listen to winter after winter. We just have to make sure we do not play the bad narrators, then we are not receiving the full benefit of the audiobook we have purchased.

Any additional comments?

Please Audible.uk Do what you can to ensure Professional Narrators Suitable to the Books they are being paid to Perform do thier JOB Right and the Books JUSTICE. We PAY GOOD HARD EARNED MONEY FOR THESE AUDIOBOOKS and therefore it is OWED TO YOUR LISTENERS TO BE GIVEN PROFESSIONAL NARRATORS. Thank you :) I love Midnight Terror and will listen year after year.

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- Highlight

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-08-2011
  • Publisher: The Story Circle Ltd.