• by Warren Fielding
  • Narrated by Ian Gordon
  • 6 hrs and 49 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

You're walking down the street in the early hours of the morning, in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, when you see something that makes the rational side of your brain itch. It has mortal wounds and shouldn't be walking, but it is, and if you hang around for too long, it will be heading towards you. How would you react? You survive the initial throes of civil unrest and the collapse of law and order. The world has become your playground. What kind of person do you become? You have never lived for anyone else except yourself. You are selfish. You like being alive. But you do have a conscience, and a soul. Who do you save first?
Warren is not a likeable man. Warren doesn't even like himself. But he does like existing, and he wants to continue doing it, no matter what hell is emerging around him. Being pragmatic and a bit of a git to boot, he doesn't find making the hard decisions difficult. What he does find out, is that the hard decisions are not necessarily the right ones. And being a bastard in life does not prepare you for the clashes that will ensue once the edges of society begin to blur and fade out. It isn't just the infected and the resurrected that Warren needs to be wary of, as he negotiates his way around the post-infection south coast in a haphazard attempt to keep himself and his family alive.


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Customer Reviews

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Once Bitten Never Shy

Another day another zombie series, and a good one at that. Bitten looks like being another enjoyable tale that seeks to tell a story within the existing "rules" of a zombie apocalypse. It’s very contemporary involving social media as a means for the characters to advance the story and thankfully for current day characters they immediately recognise the zombies for what they are! No messing around, the first appearance of a zombie and we’re off rather than pretending that someone in 2015 wouldn’t at least guess what they were.

The book is fast-paced, the prologue opens and pretty much lets you know what you are in for in terms of the sardonic humour and the rather flawed but impressive main character Warren. However, while I like fast-paced books and welcome the fact that a modern populace has heard of zombies some of the plot’s developments occurred just a bit too quickly. The main large group that Warren meets have formed relationships, knowledge and habits as if they have been together for weeks rather than just hours.

That said it has all the elements you would expect of gore, panic, the implacable inhumanity of the recently deceased plus of course the dangers from those still living. The narration is delivered in crisp, clipped tones which suits the story’s pace. Occasionally though it seemed as if the voices of the characters were mixed up with males talking in a female voice.

In all, this is a pretty decent effort and the author seems to know a bit about the local geography and population. If you like a good zombie apocalypse then this should suit you just fine. It’s not one that builds up the dread and the tension, it’s oriented more towards action and visceral horror but finds time for some low-key humour through Warren’s internal musings .
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- Simon


A great, tense listen (audio version) that was well written and plausible. My only tiny criticism would be the seemingly endless references to Zombie movies which in a few years may make the story sound very dated. Other than that, top marks! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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- Martyn J. Pass

Book Details

  • Release Date: 29-06-2016
  • Publisher: Malevolent Press