Seaswept : Seabound Chronicles

  • by Jordan Rivet
  • Narrated by Ray Greenley
  • Series: Seabound Chronicles
  • 6 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Sixteen years ago, a volcanic eruption changed the world forever. A small group of survivors escaped on a cruise ship called the Catalina ahead of a choking cloud of ash. Since then, they have been surviving at sea, drifting until the land becomes safe again.
The adventure continues in Seaswept, the heart-stopping second book in the Seabound Chronicles.
After her triumphant return to the Catalina, Esther begins developing a new way to produce energy. Meanwhile, the exiles from the Galaxy Flotilla, including the enigmatic David Hawthorne, struggle to find their place aboard the Catalina.
When Esther makes a major breakthrough, David offers to sell her technology for supplies and alliances for the Catalina. They dock with the Amsterdam Coalition, where David's bidding war soon takes a dangerous turn.
How far will Esther go to rescue him? She's still not sure whether she can trust anyone on the post-apocalyptic ocean - even David himself.


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Customer Reviews

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Hey, you're on this crazy love quest.

Almost 16 years after the volcanic eruption that devastated life on Earth, the skies are finally starting to clear and some communications are slowly being restored. Most survivors had been those few fortunate enough to be aboard ships and Esther and her father had managed to board a cruise liner just in time. Life hadn't been easy in the subsequent years but Esther's love of engineering served her, and her ship, well and she had just completed a working machine that could revolutionise all their lives - one which converted algae to biofuel, releasing them all from the desperate need for oil which was in very short, and diminishing, supply. Esther wanted to make her invention freely available to any who wanted it, but her friend David had other ideas.

This immediate continuation from book one in the Seabound Chronicles is a fast paced action thriller situation touch of romance. The narrator, Ray Greenlet, is excellent, his pleasant, well paced voice with excellent expression and intonation, also conveys the conversation of the numerous characters with individuality and clarity.

Although part two in a series, this is a standalone story but greater enjoyment would be derived from the knowledge of the characters involved and their past histories, as found in book one.. Also recommended, the shorter prequel which tells of how Esther and her father come to be on the cruise ship Catalina.
An enjoyable book slightly different from the usual post apocalyptic stories.
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- Norma Miles

Good sequel

Man, I really did get behind on my reviews.

This was great to be back with Esther and her crew, following from the first book this one could almost stand alone. I believe there was enough in here to remind us the things that went on that we didn't need to re-read or in fact have read the first one at all (it was a while that I got to this after the first) So the writer here did a great job in moving this book forward without too much backstory in it.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the new characters, and situations that came about, I think it put the MC and her friends in the sometimes worst possible place they could be, but then again it was also something worth getting out of.

Esther was and still is I guess a young woman at heart, there was no torrid love affair, but the relationships were handled with great tact for this novel and their situation. Having had to grow up fairly fast and within the confines they have I think they behave in exactly the way they should, with a little naivety and lack of confidence. It was handled very well by the writer, and of course by Ray with his narrating.

What I did enjoy of course is the performance, there are some narrators who you know aren't going to let you down. Their voices, attention to tone and story telling are great, you can put the book on and know you're getting the right everything for your money.

I do wonder about a few things at the end of this book, there were some hints to questions I have, I do hope there's a third on the cards, and that it wraps up this adventure in good ways. The emotion involved and the highs and lows in this book are extremely real, it makes you feel at the right times, and keeps you there, waiting and hoping things turn out okay.

I'm interested in some more from both these guys. Hopefully there will be some to buy today.

:) Thanks for the entertainment.

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- kanundra

Book Details

  • Release Date: 18-11-2016
  • Publisher: Jordan Rivet