Shattered Worlds : Koban

  • by Stephen W Bennett
  • Narrated by Eric Michael Summerer
  • Series: Koban
  • 31 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Kobani continue their offensives against the Krall, attacking production worlds and destroying or stealing ships from the Krall fleet, which the enemy needs to resupply their invasions. The Kobani create a multispecies settlement on Haven, a gentler habitable world near deadly Koban. They gain the trust and technological assistance of freed former Krall slave species, the Torki, Prada, and resurrected Raspani. Their ranks and Mind Tap learned skills are increased by spec ops recruits from Human Space.
Mirikami engineers an assault on the Krall base world, K1, in cooperation with a skeptical human navy by sharing new technology, revealing Kobani physical capabilities, and providing intelligence on new Krall invasion plans. Despite knowing the Kobani use illegal gene mods, the navy high command decides to hit the Krall first, with the help of their secretive, tough Kobani ally. After the attack a mauled Krall fleet still heavily outnumbers the navy, and the damaged human fleet withdraws.
A vengeful Krall warlord, the Kobani old nemesis Telour, summons an ancient Olt'kitapi ship that can shatter an entire planet. He has a devious plan for remote strikes that will initiate delayed deaths on multiple human worlds, all before a ship imbued with morality can learn it has been been duped. Telour wants the home world of humanity to see death approaching one world at a time.
Mirikami expected a strong Krall reaction but not this extreme. He scrambles to head off the inexorable destruction of multiple planets. Failing to save some worlds, he is the final hope for billions of people on others. The Kobani will need the strength and speed their genes provide plus luck to save humanity.
Book one: Koban; book two: Koban: The Mark of Koban; book three: Koban: Rise of the Kobani.


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Customer Reviews

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2/3 Waffle About Nonsense, 1/3 Actual Story

Any additional comments?

The problem with this book and indeed all of the books in this series is the amount of pointless explanation of made up science fiction nonsense. Admittedly, most people who are likely to feel a similar way would have given up at book 1.

I'd say as an estimate, this story could have been reduced to about a third in size and not lost anything from the story. The remainder is just so boring, it's untrue. It would be like a story about Santa going on for hundreds and hundreds of pages about how the sleigh flies, while adding nothing that's entertaining. For this error, I largely blame the publishers who should have cut most of the incredibly detailed, but nonsense explanations out.

There are even some points in the middle of a battle where the human/kobanie side are having long discussions with each other about how things work. Sadly, this will likely be the last Koban related audio book that I listen to because I just can't take the repeated 'tachyon this' and 'third dimension rotation that'. The story part is actually quite good (despite the cheap, done before, shot with politics towards the end of this book), it's just buried below a landslide of 'let's try to explain things that don't actually exist'. And I'm someone who does enjoy science and likes to know how things work...but real things - that's about 20 hours I could have listened to a podcast on physics, biology or chemistry.

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- Amazon Customer

Write faster

Very very good, now for the next one please. Continues the story and character well, looking forward to the next chapter
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- saread

Book Details

  • Release Date: 16-04-2015
  • Publisher: Stephen W Bennett