Sigil Online: Paragons

  • by Jeff Sproul
  • Narrated by Jeff Hays
  • 9 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Loss was nothing new to an orphan like Riley. But when the online persona he'd spent years building was ripped away by a monster with unbelievable power, everything changed.
As a gamer who made a living from Sigil Online, losing his character meant losing his job and any means he had of paying his bills.
Now, he had to start from the beginning, just like any other player joining Sigil Online for the first time. All the fame and fortune of a high-level character was gone.
Experience the harrowing quest that will leave Riley changed forever, as he's molded by the pursuit of the monster that took everything from him.


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Customer Reviews

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"Green acid sprays, red bullets, yellow discs..."

Any additional comments?

I am not a gamer, nor will ever be, but I do enjoy occasional visits into the electronic fantasy worlds so many seem to frequently inhabit.
Sigil Online is set in a time not far distant when the game has become a huge part of life for everyone, rating news updates and even video clips of recent action played to the general population by the media. Successful gamers are able to make a living by playing, the best can earn a lot of money. Reilly was one such player. At only 16, orphaned and alone in the world, he has built a comfortable life for himself as Radiance, an advanced player, 2nd tier: a Paragon. He has followers but, apart from one, no friends. But he is content.
Then his in-game character, Radiance, is killed and he loses everything. With almost no money left and fearful of not being able to pay his rent, he goes back to work: in Sigil. But he has to start the game again from the beginning with a new persona and no powers. And this time he is surprised by the kindness of others - occasionally - and as he progresses in the game, also grows as a real life person.

No real surprises in this basic coming of age story but the journey through the levels, the characters and, especially, the brilliantly conceived powers and described fight scenes make this a very memorable book, far better than some others I have read. The writing is very visual, the characters well drawn, although a little additional 'real' life background could have added deeper interest.

Juggling miriad character voices, a complex text of colour and action, narrator Jeff Hays is outstanding. Pacing his reading to match the speed and intensity of the storyline, this is a superb dramatisation, sounding as if there were a whole array of actors, male and female, taking part and not just a single voice artist. He binds the whole book together with his distinctive performance.

Simple story, complex and visual fight scenes, superb narration, this was a book which I could enjoy without deeper knowledge of gaming. My thanks to the rights holder for gifting me my copy of Sigil online:Paragons, via Audiobook Boom. Hopefully, there will be another following soon. If so, I will most certainly be looking out for it.

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- Norma Miles

Good listen, but needed a bit more...

I'm still pretty new to LitRPG and this is mostly brought on by facebook and the fact I'm a huge Jeff fan, so taking that into account, I'll post my review.

Jeff did a really great performance with this, some really good female characters as usual, Brenda and Laura for sure. Even with Chace and Aaron, and then Riley as well. I don't know how they put it all together, but with a Voice actor like Jeff there's something worth listening to in all the stories he's done.

So, a little bit of feedback on story. I enjoyed the story don't get me wrong, but there were some things that just left me feeling a little cold, and miffed. I get that the MC - Riley as Radiance was an ass and being knocked down a peg or two really was tough. But as a character, he didn't really seem to grow so much and there were many times throughout the story that I wondered why he never thought about certain things, why other characters never got a mention until it seemed it was past late. Some small parts of seeding in his thoughts here and there would have really benefited the story, no matter how much of an ass he was, no one just doesn't think about certain life events for so long or more so people, things like that play on your mind no matter who you are, or what you're doing.

Having said all that, and no spoilers for anyone else. There were some things I personally guessed really early on, maybe that's just my film background, I'm not sure, so I did think that was a little bit of a let down, not too sure what the writer might have done to aid that. Building their characters up some more, inside the game and out of it might have helped. I understand that maybe LitRPG's just want to be inside the game but for a real story to take place, there are things we do, on a day in day out basis that are interesting. That needs to be said and done.

Not a bad length, but I think it could have been longer, with better set up and story building. There's so much potential I'm still interested to see where this one goes, and what they do with the next 'game upgrade' so I'm not lost on it, like I have been with others. I'll be looking out for more, and will poke about to see any ebooks :) thanks for the entertainment.

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- kanundra

Book Details

  • Release Date: 24-01-2017
  • Publisher: Jeff Sproul