The Knife's Edge : War Eternal

  • by M. R. Forbes
  • Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  • Series: War Eternal
  • 8 hrs and 20 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A mission failed... A civilization on the edge of collapse... A dangerous alliance to save it...
Colonel Mitchell "Ares" Williams has never been one to accept failure. While the outcome on Liberty is a crushing setback to his and the Riggers' chances of salvaging the war, there's no time to waste on regret. After all, the mission wasn't a total loss, delivering an unexpected asset in the wake of their defeat - Liun Tio, aka the Knife, a notorious warlord and enemy of the Alliance whose deep-seated mistrust of artificial intelligence and control over what may be the largest free fleet in the galaxy have made him the most important man alive.
If humanity is going to have a chance to survive the Tetron onslaught, Ares and the Knife will need to find a way to work together. But can the two learn to trust one another enough to bring the power of their joint forces to bear against a common enemy? Or will their fragile alliance crumble beneath the weight of personal motives and divergent goals?
As Mitchell and the Riggers will soon discover, the knife's edge cuts both ways.


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Customer Reviews

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Im so in, I cant get out of eternity now!

this series is getting better with every book, you find yourself having your emotions jerked real hard in this one. in a scifi world where my love space ships and mechs and AI is realised, the humanity in this book and the realism. Is spot on!
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- Mark Roper

More and more exciting!

I think what I'm liking more and more as this series has progressed, is how much deeper the characters are becoming. As they do more and learn more, it's heartbreaking to go through with them.

Here though Tio aka the kinfe brings some very much needed hope with the thought that he can amass a small army. But as the known worlds lead bad guy there's not much trust for him. It's a hard slog for Mitch and Milli to begin to trust him.

I think what I really like the most about this series is that there are so many real world issues. The fact that the riggers are so broken really makes this work. Watson as a peadophile, and Cormack as a rapist and murderer. I am glad that Mtch did beat his ass, but also felt sorry for him because he knew how badly he'd disappointed the new Colonel... Keeping Watson on is also pretty horrid to think that they're so desperate they have too.

Mitch and Millie also really do deepen their love here. He might not think it, but when she turns up and is alive at the beginning, it's a blessing for them both. They make an amazing team...

A couple of scenes stood out for me. When Millie visits the Knifes daughter, (Min) and where she then kills her to hopefully stop him giving the horrendous and treaturious Tetron a means to get more info off him. I won't reveal who the new traitor is, but wow what a twist, I don't think any of us was expecting that one...

Also really, really felt that Cormack was dead here... half his face missing, but thankfully still alive. I know war is so bad, that things never work out how you want... but I don't want all the Riggers to die...

The ending here was expertly written and had me on the edge of 'the knife' .... but we know what's coming, and that made me really sad...

Again, fantastic narration. M R Forbes has one of the best guys on the job here. I hope he continues to narrate for him! (although Man of War was great too, by Jeff Hays) :)

Last one started and I'm already not wanting to finish it, not because it's horrid, but because I know I won't have any more to listen in on :( so sad...

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- kanundra

Book Details

  • Release Date: 17-05-2016
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing