The Synchronicity War, Part 1 : The Synchronicity War

  • by Dietmar Wehr
  • Narrated by Luke Daniels
  • Series: The Synchronicity War
  • 8 hrs and 52 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Be aware that Part 1 has a cliffhanger ending. After almost a century of peaceful exploration and colonization of space, the United Earth Space Force stumbles across a shockingly xenophobic alien race that has more and better armed ships and refuses all attempts at contact. As the outgunned Space Force is driven back in battle after battle in what appears to be a war of extermination, one officer experiences precognitive visions that help him blunt the enemy onslaught, but he can't control or predict when they occur. With the Senior Brass convinced that he's a tactical genius, he's given more and more responsibility and is terrified by the belief that Humanity's Fate will be determined by a battle with himself in overall command.
This is Volume 1 of a military SF series about desperate space battles and the men, women and Artificial Intelligences, who fight and die in them.


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TL;DR: A well written hard sci-fi story with smart characters and unknown alien enemy that has them second guessing at every encounter.

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The science part trys to be a realistic as possible but does include hyperspace to get around the long distances. The split is like that found in the Lost Fleet series but the battle fields feel smaller. Thats because the battles are more like submarine clashes with passive and active scanning then with high resolution optics. The story doesn't give a timeline from the present day but the technology is well behind that found in the Lost Fleet. Its worth noting that, if your wondering why they can't just see each other. For example 7000 km/s is considered fast and no human manned ships can get close to 0.1 the speed of light.

The story is split between tense tactial battles and high level stratigic planning. The best comparison would be the Dune series (especially the last two books) as to how stratigic planning is handled. The main character Shilo is a smart man himself and does well in both situations. The visions are kind of like John Geary's flashes of inspiration in tactical effect but the story isn't all about them. The book is written so that you have more to sink your teeth into then just a chain of visions. There are some suprising plot threads introduced that make the story progressively more interesting as well.

The narration is good and solid. Its not excellent like that found in the King Killer Chronicles but I'd say its almost on par with that found in the Lost Fleet. But the list of characters is relatively small at this point and are all either of an Asian, Russian or of North American heritage. You might notice that the narrator reads a little quickly but it makes the tactical battles intense with all the data coming at the character while having to make quick, well thought out decisions. I haven't come across any other books that try to do that and I'm impressed with how its done.

You need to know though that the book has been split into two parts which are bought seperatley. I'd wait until you can buy both as the first leaves you with a really tense cliff hanger

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- Simon

Excellent entertainment

This is a good story well told with lots of SiFi to keep the interest. Moves along at a brisk pace with top class narration
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- Peter

Book Details

  • Release Date: 27-02-2015
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing