• by Keith Crews
  • Narrated by John Bell
  • 9 hrs and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Angelo Marchetti is dead. However, death is not the end for the mafia hitman, but rather a doorway into a harsh frontier otherwise known as the Wasteland. Armed with just his Elitario training and signature tools of the killing trade known as Thunder and Lightning, he must confront the forces of darkness in order to survive.Lost upon the flat tundra of a frozen wilderness, he traverses the barren plateau until he finds a small ghost-like-town named “Boondocks.” There, the Hitman avails a saloon for shelter and seeks out the barkeep so that he might come to learn how to get back to the living-world. However, the price of earning that knowledge along with its salvation might just condemn his soul for all eternity in the process.Three enchanted drinks will come to find the Hitman’s lips in exchange for three answers to three of his questions. The ancient ritual offers a reward to the bearer of the dark nectars: safe passage beyond the frozen pass. And so the Hitman undertakes the drinking ceremony with a degree of trepidation, but nonetheless with an understanding that the prize is well worth the fare.Fall back through the years as each mystical spell is consumed and discover how an innocent boy matures into a cold blooded killer for the mob. The journey through time is replete with peril and an ever growing awareness that this Death Merchant is different than all those who have come before him, and perhaps is special in a way that has yet to be truly realized.


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Customer Reviews

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Dark Mafia Fantasy...

I can't believe not many readers have had at this novel, it's a delicious cross between 'The Godfather', 'Sandman Slim' and 'The Devil went down to Georgia'.

Loved the mix of paranormal, Mafia and cold blooded stone cold killer ethics, the characters are unapologetic and multifaceted, absolutely loved 'Uncle Vincent' and it's great to be carried off elsewhere, bravo, I want more...
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- sharon

Strange and violent mafia history

Would you listen to Wasteland again? Why?

A mix between a mafiastory a la Goodfather mixed with fantasy a la Kings Dark Tower. The most relevant book to compare to is Stephen Kings Rose Madder. The story jumps between real world events from Angelo's past and a paranormal present. It is a great story but it seems that the author either ran out of time or pages, because the end is quite abrupt. This book is the first in a series but the sequel "Last train to Diavolo" has not yet been released and has been under review since 2012 without a release date.

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- Jan

Book Details

  • Release Date: 19-09-2011
  • Publisher: QC Computing, LLC