Extreme Frontiers

  • by Charley Boorman
  • Narrated by David John
  • 6 hrs and 53 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Charley Boorman is back on his bike exploring the world's second-largest country - home to some of the most stunning and challenging terrain known to man.
Canada is a country of extremes, and Charley knows all about pushing the limits. He goes dirt biking in New Brunswick, dives through old shipwrecks in Tobermory and rides along Butch Cassidy's old Outlaw Trail.
He also meets a fascinating mix of people on his journey. As he heads across Canada, he plays ice hockey with a legend of the game; spends a day as a Mountie cadet and nearly meets a ghost in Winnipeg....
Written with Charley's trademark enthusiasm and humour, Extreme Frontiers is fast-paced, hugely entertaining, and packed with adventure (and rather a lot of mosquitoes).


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Customer Reviews

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A Missed Opportunity

I read somewhere that, should you ever be in a social situation where you meet the former model Jerry Hall, the game is to see how many sentences it takes before she mentions Mick Jagger. Apparently the average is three. I mention this only because my wife (a Canadian I should add) questioned my buying this title as, in her opinion, "You only watched that TV show because Ewan McGregor was in it. The other guy was just filler. I betcha he mentions McGregor in the opening chapter, just to remind the reader who he is." I said this was a tad cruel and having been a regular visitor to Canada over the past 30 years I was looking forward to this title.

Sadly my dear wife is being proven right (yet again) as this title is proving very hard going;

I appreciate that Canada isn't Vegas and that it consists of many, many miles of basically nothing at all, so you have to dig a bit deeper for stories of interest, but all the same you'd think the researchers for the show might've unearthed a few new points of interest.

But so far that's not been the case; I'm only up to chapter 6 and so far nothing has happened. Honestly, nothing at all. Charley has been fishing, where the height of excitement was taking a boat out to hack a chunk off of a passing iceberg to provide ice for their evening drinks. I guess the concept of filling a glass with water and leaving it outside for an hour wasn't broached, but I'd suggest it wouldve made more interesting listening. In Chapter 3 Charley really rolls out the big guns and....goes fishing again.

All of this edge-of-the-seat mundanity is not, I fear, aided by the narrator David John, who himself sounds bored and unengaging, and his attempts to inject some kind of energy into Charley's dull itinerary just fall flat. The end effect is akin to being cornered in a crowded bar by the town bore.

Canada is an amazing country with unique vistas, wildlife and experiences found nowhere else. Her people are warm and welcoming, who have adapted to an often harsh environment in amazing ways. How the first settlers ever got a foot-hold in this vast land still astounds me. Anyone paying their first visit will be amazed at the sights and breadth of experiences available. Sadly, Charley Boorman has so far managed to miss all of this.

And yes, he does mention Ewan McGregor by name in the opening chapter; in the third sentence actually.

I can feel a big "I told you so" coming on this one...
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- Colin

Just Brilliant

Very highly recommended. More like this required please. Boorman at his very best again. Excellent.
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- W.T.McCormack

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-03-2013
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio UK