• by Adrienne Stoltz, Ron Bass
  • Narrated by Jessica DiCicco, Emma Galvin
  • 9 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

What if you could dream your way into a different life? What if you could choose to live that life forever?
Sloane and Maggie have never met. Sloane is a straight-A student with a big and loving family. Maggie lives a glamorously independent life as an up-and-coming actress in New York. The two girls couldn't be more different - except for one thing. They share a secret that they can't tell a soul. At night, they dream that they're each other.
The deeper they're pulled into the promise of their own lives, the more their worlds begin to blur dangerously together. Before long, Sloane and Maggie can no longer tell which life is real and which is just a dream. They realize that eventually they will have to choose one life to wake up to, or risk spiraling into insanity. But that means giving up one world, one love, and one self, forever.
This is a dazzling debut that will steal listeners' hearts.


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There was something about this book that I really, really loved - though at first glance it appeared to be the kind of book I wouldn't normally even pick up. You know the kind. Teenage drama-y romance. This was good, emotional, well written drama and romance, to be fair, and i did end up truly liking the characters & being relatively interested in their lives and loves, but all the same, not something I'd have bought without the strange spin - that our two protagonists, who have never met, each go to sleep every night and dream of each others lives, watching like a fly on the wall of each others souls! Intriguing, right?

The thing is, this book is one of two layers. There's the surface, where all the everyday drama is going on & then there's this deeper, darker level running like a vein through the story - a story within the story. It's that, that kept my interest. It's full of confusion, questions, intrigue, panic, & inner-psyche stuff & was unlike anything I've read before. The way the author managed to tell the second story almost without it being told. As if, somehow, it's our own imaginations telling us this deeper truth behind every detail of the surface story. It was so cleverly and emotively written - quite simply genius - & I'd recommend this book to any literature lovers simply on that merit!!

Also of note is how well read the book is. Both readers reflected their characters so well that it was easy to picture them in my mind, easy to like them. I knew and loved one of these artists already, from her reading of Trish in Divergent - but both of them were wonderful & added something special to my experience of the book. When, towards the end of the book, things start to spiral into terror, panic and madness, the format really came into its own. A truly magical performance!

I know this is a story that's going to be stuck in my head for a long time, trying to figure out what really happened - what the truth was - because right now, I really have no clue!
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- Annah

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-10-2012
  • Publisher: Listening Library