M.I.A Hunter

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M.I.A. Hunter Summary

A new kind of courage. A new kind of war.
Mark Stone has a score to settle. A former Green Beret, he has only one activity that gives meaning to his life - finding American's forgotten fighting men, the P.O.W.'s the government has conveniently labeled M.I.A.'s, and bringing them back from their hell on earth.
It's too big a job for one man. But Stone has friends. And with Hog Wiley and Terrance Loughlin-a merc from east Texas and a crack British commando - Stone returns to the steaming jungles of Laos on a do-or-die mission: to free a captured gighter jock from the sadistic commander who has sentenced him to a fate worse than death....
©1985 Stephen Mertz (P)2012 David N. Wilson
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