Shields of Honor

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Shield of Honor Summary

The only thing standing between you and home are 30,000 angry French knights.
Young Edward De Clopton is the sole surviving heir to his family's wealth and position in England, but he doesn't want the job. His father thinks he's a bumbling idiot. His enemies think he's the last obstacle to power and wealth. His mentor, one of the most renowned warriors in England, thinks he's an annoying burden. His girlfriend thinks he's a plaything.
After the murder of his eldest brother, Edward is thrown into a world of scheming lords; traitorous knights; powerful, seductive women; and paranoid kings. Unwillingly caught in the struggle between two mighty empires, Edward must follow his father and uncle to France to fight at the king's side while being stalked by an assassin. Can he survive long enough to earn his father's respect and save a kingdom from destruction?
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