The Runes of Issalia

3 books in series
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The Buried Symbol Summary

Discover a lost magic, long buried and forgotten....
Without a rune marking his role in society, Brock is doomed to a life below the lowest rung of the social ladder. Unwilling to accept his fate, the teen risks his life to obtain a fake rune that marks him as a member of the Empire's ruling class. He then embarks on a quest to join an institution where the Empire's future leaders are trained.
As a student of the Academy, he soon uncovers a chain of secrets kept hidden for centuries, secrets that expose cracks in the foundation of Empire society. Among his discoveries is a powerful magic, long buried and forgotten.
Brock's compassion and sense of justice are seeds that sprout tight friendships and a blossoming romance. An unwillingness to be bullied earns him a dangerous enemy, growing into a feud that escalates to a climactic showdown.
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  • Book 1

    • The Buried Symbol

    • By: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
  • Book 2

    • The Emblem Throne

    • By: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
  • Book 3

    • An Empire in Runes

    • By: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
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