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A Splash of Substance Summary

She doesn't vote. He works for a Senator. Is it a recipe for romance or disaster?
Paige Jackson has always stayed out of politics, leaving it to God to govern the world. She has enough on her plate as the owner of a catering company founded on convictions to buy local, sustainable fare. Jackson Trent works on Capitol Hill for Senator Carson, putting his beliefs in action to help shape national policy.
Hoping to find high-end clients to keep her business afloat, Paige bids on a contract to cater the Senator's next fundraiser. Shake-ups in the Senator's staff leave Jackson grudgingly in charge of the event. After Paige is chosen as caterer, she and Jackson must work together despite opposing beliefs on how God calls Christians to participate in government. As Paige introduces Jackson to sustainable fare, it's not just the food that piques his interest.
When Senator Carson becomes front-page news in Washington, Paige is sucked into the whirlwind of scandal. Can Jackson convince Paige he wasn't complicit and win her back or has politics burned his chance at love?
Book one in a new series of contemporary Christian romance from Elizabeth Maddrey, A Splash of Substance is a heartwarming romance that also provides listeners a chance to consider their views on the civic responsibility of Christians and sustainable living in the suburbs.
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